Spit Syndicate

Meeting in high school through mutual friend Solo of Horrorshow, Nick and Jimmy soon discovered they shared a love of rap and decided to form a group. Deciding – somewhat hastily- to call themselves ‘Spit Syndicate’, they began performing gigs while still at high school and quickly built a reputation around Sydney as ones to watch.

It was their third album ‘Sunday Gentlemen’ that truly heralded the Double S’s arrival. With production handled by Adit (Horrorshow), Stylz Fuego and M-Phazes, ‘Sunday Gentlemen’ showcased the duo’s ability to weave thoughtful, catchy, and sometimes confronting stories over contemporary, world-class production.  

SS enjoy a highly devoted fanbase, and alongside Horrorshow, Jackie Onassis and Joyride, they make up the One Day crew – a collective of musicians and friends who are frequently collaborating, touring and striving to push the boundaries of Australian hip hop.

Spit Syndicate are currently working on their fourth album, and remain one of Australia’s most dynamic and forward-thinking hip-hop acts.